Tunetra Android Tricks Bornomala Sim Card Best Internet Offer 2023

Bornomala Sim Card Best Internet Offer 2023

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after a long day I am writing a new article about Teletalk bornomala sim card.

for long time I am using Teletalk sim card and this sim card facilities I need to talk with my visitor about this facilities.

we all know that in Bangladesh sim card give us best call rate minute and internet pack lowest fellow other than all operators Teletalk sim card users purchase the offers lower than other operator. but we must accept it we cannot get 3G network in every place Teletalk sim card but most of the upazila and district we get 3G network.

whose people we are using Teletalk sim card need to know the best offer of the SIM card all the offer I will discuss only two offers that provide by Teletalk sim but in this future I will write on more article where I explain all the offer of Teletalk Sim.

1. If you recharge on Teletalk sim card form any recharge point Teletalk retail Sim 17 Taka you will get 2 GB internet for 15 days you can take this offer in every Teletalk sim card ( but you cannot get this offer again before expire your 15 days in the 15 days you will take this offer again on your sim card)

2. you can take this offer only Teletalk bornoMala sim card. I don’t know Aadhar sim card are providing this offer or not because I never try this offer on other sim card. if you recharge on your Teletalk bornomala sim card 30 taka then you will get sim card 30 minute m 3 days and 30 Taka in your main balance on your every heart Taka result you will get this offer.( collected from Teletalk website)

3. voice call (any local operator) 45 paisa /min

4. 10 GB = 186 Taka ( validity 30 days) for take this offer dial *111*616#

5. 23 minute Taka 14 (validity 3 days) dial *111*14#

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