Tunetra Android Apps How to Earn Money From Self Shopping Application

How to Earn Money From Self Shopping Application

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The most trusted application in Bangladesh. you can earn money by making flexiload from this application. I am working on this application form 2021. so long as a free customer application I make money from Flexi load. but now I purchase a business account on self shopping application.

from self shopping application taking Daily service you can money. for example( flexiload, drive offer, product reseling and refferer earn money life time.

There are three type of account

1. customer account
2. business account
3. professional earning course

Customer Account : customer account is totally free when you open an account on self shopping application you need to deposit 50 Taka by using nagad or bkash. when you deposit 50 Taka you will get 1 taka bonus in your main account. You can recharge this 50 taka to anyone and you will get 1 taka more bonus. you can also purchase any product by using self shopping application.

Business Account: account purchase any type of service and you can sale product on self shopping application as a business partner. but you need to purchase account fast so you need 500 tk for this account. sales shopping application is a tree of earning.

you can earn money by the following step

1. affiliate marketing
2. digital marketing
3. reselling business
4. mobile recharge business
5. internet offer drive pack business
6. outlet
7. Vendors business
8. Air ticket / biman ticket business
9. referral system
10. cloud earning or deposit earning

Professional Earning Course : for purchasing a professional earning course you need 2000 taka

1. buy purchasing the professional earning course you can learn how to earn money from this application.

2. professional earning course two best service. that’s not available for or customer accounts.

3. when you purchase professional earning course you will get business account for free that’s save your 500 taka.

so today I am try Basic concept about self shopping application in I will try to clear think about shopping application.

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