Tunetra Android Apps How to recharge from self mobile app Solution

How to recharge from self mobile app Solution

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We all know that, any mobile operator in Bangladesh we cannot recharge lower than 20 taka. but many time we need to recharge but many time we need to recharge lower than 20 taka.

if you want to recharge form bkash, Nagad, rocket or other Mobile Banking application we cannot recharge lower than 20 taka.

we cannot take any offer that lower than 20 Taka if I need to take this offer then we go to the flexiload Dokan.

but will teach you a network using this method you can recharge lower than 20 Taka on your sim card and you can also get one percent commission recharge. you can take recharge 9 taka 17 Taka 19 taka and your every recharge you will get one percent Commission bkash, Nagad rocket mobile banking. you can also add money on yourself shopping mobile app account from mobile banking account. but if you add money on yourself shopping mobile application account from Bank you will get more Commission.

how to take this recharge?

first you need to go to Google Play Store and install self digital business platform application after installing the application you need to register. after completing registration go to your profile and follow the below screenshot

in next for recharging from this app just follow the second screen shot given in below

Are you need a basic concept about self shopping mobile application?

You can register for free in this app but when you free account you need to deposit in your account this 50 taka sales shopping application profile account you will get 1 taka bonus for adding this money 50 taka number or others number.

Why need to deposit 50 taka?

because will add Taka one year account and recharge this method you need to add 50 Taka mobile recharge in app. but in letter you can also purchase premium business account and course account will give you more facilities I don’t want to talk about this account. if you want to stay with free account you can use this account problem and there has no target whose people add more money they will get more bonus. on free account you will get on percent bonus you can recharge yourself or your family members or others person for enjoying cashback.

in this application you will find more way for earning money I will talk to you later about this topic.

What is the facilities of this application?

1. using this application you can recharge any mobile operator.

2. using this application in 24 hours you can recharge need internet connection for recharging using this application.

3. after recharging you will get notification new recharge successful or unsuccessful internet you will find more application for recharging birthday will show pending recharge it’s very irritating after 5 to 15 minute then you know your recharge successful or not.

Why you recharge from this application?

you can add money from any mobile banking account bank account in yourself mobile application account. you can also get bonus by recharging to any sim card operator important and this app give us a small path of earning.

Now you can think what is the benefit of getting 1-2 Taka Commission?

every small shopkeeper recharge 20 tk or 40 tk  they are also get profit 1 taka or 2 tk after the last of day they get big profit.

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